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Electronic cigarette liquid in Oregon

anufacturer of custom e-liquids for sale to distributors and retailers

Are you tired of cheap, flavorless e-liquids?

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Did you know...

2.7% of all adults in the United States have tried an electronic cigarette.
Projections for sales of 2014 are well over $1 billion USD.
A vast majority of electronic cigarette sales are conducted online.
The primary market share belongs to small businesses and vendors collectively.

What is E-Liquid?

E-Liquid, or E-Juice, is a combination of different ingredients that are designed to produce vapor when heated. More often than not, there are three primary ingredients involved, which are:
  • Liquid nicotine
  • Propylene glycol,vegetable glycerin or a combination of both
  • Food grade flavorings
Our liquid nicotine is balanced to reach the right level of strength for the application. Our bulk e juice batches are checked for quality and consistency at every level of production. Once the right nicotine levels have been achieved, special flavor formulas are used to add in profiles like tobaccos, menthols, vanillas such as the popular custards and creams, drink flavors such as coffee and colas, any fruit flavor you can imagine, Desert flavors such as Boston Cream pie, Apple Tart or Snickerdoodle, Exotic flavors such as Dragons Blood or Berry Smash and many, many more. There are actually as many wholesale e cig liquid flavors as there are flavors of any kind.
What sets the best e liquid suppliers apart from the competition is quality control and quality ingredients, especially flavorings. Vapor users expect a consistent experience which is why they often turn to businesses that can supply liquids they can trust. As a manufacturere and distributor, we provide some of the most consistent products available on the market, all checked for quality and safety before, during and after production.
Safety is key as well. Child-proof caps on bottles of e-liquid, and non-toxic ingredients are all an important part of achieving the right experience for for our customers. To get that, you need to purchase your wholesale e cigarette liquid from reputable companies that have guarantees, strong customer support, and plenty of ordering and customization options so that you can get a product that will clearly represent your brand.

The Right Mix

Creating a wholesale e liquid Oregon vapers want isn't just about pushing a generic product. Your Wholesale Account Manager is there to help guide you toward your goals. Regardless of where and how you choose to sell your e liquid, you need to be able to rely on your supplier to make key changes to recipes based on feedback that you get from your customers. The right mix is always about making sure that the actual end experience from your customer base is what they want from their electronic cigarettes. This is why we can custom tailor each recipe purchased wholesale to fit the profile that your customers prefer.
For example, some of the aspects that can be changed about wholesale electronic cigarette liquid include:

Ratios of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin
Levels of flavoring used in production
Sweetness of flavoring
Menthol levels, for mentholated juices
Tobacco flavor levels
Packaging and bottling options and much more
Your Wholesale Account Manager can help you narrow down what your customers want, and then help to build your brand based on your own unique offering to the market. If you've ever wondered how you can set yourself apart as an e juice supplier please call a Wholesale Account Manager today. We consider ourselves to be the best e liquid supplier with the know-how to help you reach your goal. All of our e liquid is crafted according to tastes by vendor, country, and even individual regions, all based on feedback and a continuing process of improving the products that we provide.

Buy More, Pay Less

The best reason to buy wholesale is to save money on your purchases, allowing a profit at different levels of distribution. All levels should be able to sell your product at a comfortable margin. That's why we offer some of the best bulk e juice pricing and options on the market, all without compromising your need for a high quality, safe product that your customers will want to buy more of e-cigarette liquids in Oregon.
Our options include:
  • 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg and 36mg nicotine strengths
  • Many different flavors, with no minimum quantities required
  • Flavor profiles for individual distributors. Over 150 stock flavors and combination to choose from
  • Custom branding, brand-free or house brand labeled containers
  • Many packaging options including plastic and glass bottles
  • Professional design services to help you create your own unique labels
If you're curious about what we have to offer, or you have an inquiry as to whether or not we can handle your particular sales volume projections, please contact our customer support and sales team today. We'll respond promptly to all questions about our wholesale product including the lines of flavoring that we have available and the different bulk pricing features that we can offer. The more that you buy, the more that you'll save on your overall costs. We also work to coordinate and keep shipping as reasonably priced as possible so that you can focus on your end of the business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our business is all about making sure that your customers enjoy their vaping experience and come back to you for more. We take our quality and our customer feedback very seriously. We work hard to ensure that we're providing a product that evolves with the tastes and requirements of the latest trends and we go to great lengths to ensure that you're getting a fresh, accurate and consistent product with each and every order that you place. Once you become our customer, we make sure to take care of any requests, concerns, or questions that you may have in a timely manner. You won't be left wondering when your next order is due to arrive, or if quality has changed from one order to the next. Our focus on consistency and response means that we guarantee that you'll be satisfied with our products and the services we can provide for your business.

Cities we serve:
img Lafayette, OR img Turner, ORimg Mcminnville, OR img Dorena, ORimg Vida, OR img Wasco, ORimg Riddle, OR img Mount Hood Parkdale, ORimg Shady Cove, OR img Keizer, ORimg Elgin, OR img Jacksonville, ORimg Tolovana Park, OR img Columbia City, ORimg Philomath, OR img Drain, ORimg Crescent Lake, OR img Yamhill, ORimg Donald, OR img Corvallis, ORimg Joseph, OR img Umpqua, ORimg Allegany, OR img Newberg, ORimg Athena, OR img Sixes, ORimg Allegany, OR img Otter Rock, ORimg Government Camp, OR img Central Point, ORimg Hillsboro, OR img Beaverton, ORimg Oakridge, OR img Umatilla, ORimg Culp Creek, OR img Depoe Bay, ORimg Scappoose, OR img Hereford, ORimg Riverside, OR img Dayton, ORimg Independence, OR img Lafayette, ORimg North Bend, OR img Tygh Valley, ORimg Azalea, OR img Drain, ORimg Blodgett, OR img Dundee, ORimg Ione, OR img West Linn, ORimg Marcola, OR img Pacific City, ORimg Amity, OR img Yachats, ORimg Dexter, OR img Wolf Creek, ORimg Juntura, OR img Riverside, ORimg Merlin, OR img Clackamas, ORimg Lakeview, OR img Manning, ORimg Columbia City, OR img Eagle Creek, ORimg Gresham, OR img Condon, ORimg Rhododendron, OR img Eddyville, ORimg Sixes, OR img Grass Valley, ORimg Saint Benedict, OR img Umpqua, ORimg Portland, OR img Fossil, ORimg Drewsey, OR img Wilderville, ORimg Gervais, OR img Crawfordsville, ORimg Paulina, OR img Neotsu, ORimg Crawfordsville, OR img Seaside, ORimg Days Creek, OR img Monument, ORimg Rhododendron, OR img Huntington, ORimg Enterprise, OR img Prairie City, ORimg Deadwood, OR img Cove, ORimg Grand Ronde, OR img The Dalles, ORimg Mcminnville, OR img Durkee, ORimg Days Creek, OR img Deer Island, ORimg Cloverdale, OR img Glendale, ORimg Hubbard, OR img Thurston, ORimg Sheridan, OR img Huntington, ORimg Winston, OR img Baker City, ORimg Frenchglen, OR img Summerville, ORimg Drewsey, OR img Depoe Bay, ORimg Merlin, OR img Mitchell, ORimg Scottsburg, OR img Beatty, ORimg Hammond, OR img Grand Ronde, ORimg Silver Lake, OR img Dorena, ORimg Christmas Valley, OR img Scappoose, ORimg Sumpter, OR img Mount Hood Parkdale, ORimg Nyssa, OR img Carlton, ORimg Bates, OR img Plush, ORimg Fields, OR img Tillamook, ORimg Shedd, OR img Dallas, ORimg Stayton, OR img Enterprise, ORimg Harrisburg, OR img Port Orford, ORimg North Plains, OR img Lafayette, ORimg Brogan, OR img Halsey, ORimg Wolf Creek, OR img Eagle Point, ORimg Welches, OR img Bay City, ORimg Beaverton, OR img Reedsport, ORimg Albany, OR img Wilderville, ORimg Alsea, OR img Wolf Creek, ORimg Prairie City, OR img Long Creek, ORimg Sherwood, OR img Ontario, ORimg Seal Rock, OR img Grass Valley, ORimg Powers, OR img Jamieson, ORimg Walterville, OR img Hebo, ORimg Woodburn, OR img Ione, ORimg Molalla, OR img Myrtle Creek, ORimg Riddle, OR img Selma, ORimg Mikkalo, OR img Prineville, ORimg Cascadia, OR img Bridal Veil, ORimg Deadwood, OR img Ontario, ORimg Lincoln City, OR img Eugene, ORimg Haines, OR img Rainier, ORimg Ironside, OR img Fort Rock, ORimg Maupin, OR img Blachly, ORimg Meacham, OR img Happy Valley, ORimg Cottage Grove, OR img Tualatin, ORimg Idanha, OR img Dillard, ORimg Gladstone, OR img Gleneden Beach, ORimg Drain, OR img Cheshire, ORimg Westfall, OR img Netarts, ORimg Wilbur, OR img Camp Sherman, ORimg Buxton, OR img Sprague River, ORimg Riddle, OR img Wedderburn, ORimg Westfir, OR img Monmouth, ORimg Grants Pass, OR img Days Creek, ORimg Gleneden Beach, OR img Yamhill, ORimg Woodburn, OR img Spray, ORimg Port Orford, OR img Arlington, ORimg Tygh Valley, OR img Aumsville, ORimg Molalla, OR img Gilchrist, ORimg Long Creek, OR img Beaver, ORimg Depoe Bay, OR img Vale, ORimg Blachly, OR img Wallowa, ORimg Nehalem, OR img Moro, ORimg Wolf Creek, OR img Lakeside, ORimg Independence, OR img Canyon City, ORimg Brightwood, OR img Oceanside, ORimg Sheridan, OR img Tiller, ORimg Netarts, OR img Troutdale, ORimg Myrtle Point, OR img Seal Rock, ORimg Buxton, OR img Bend, ORimg Hines, OR img Brookings, ORimg Burns, OR img Hammond, ORimg Jamieson, OR img Silverton, ORimg Prairie City, OR img Rockaway Beach, ORimg Salem, OR img Manning, ORimg Saint Benedict, OR img Nehalem, ORimg Newport, OR img Canyonville, ORimg Curtin, OR img Carlton, ORimg Falls City, OR img Westlake, ORimg Stayton, OR img Lowell, ORimg Merrill, OR img Wasco, ORimg Woodburn, OR img Reedsport, ORimg Sherwood, OR img Pilot Rock, ORimg Powers, OR img Brogan, ORimg Swisshome, OR img Beavercreek, ORimg Summer Lake, OR img Dairy, ORimg Wilbur, OR img Arch Cape, ORimg Silverton, OR img Fossil, ORimg Netarts, OR img Saint Paul, ORimg Harper, OR img Boardman, ORimg Arch Cape, OR img Stayton, ORimg Timber, OR img Sandy, ORimg Deadwood, OR img Prineville, ORimg Imnaha, OR img Stanfield, ORimg The Dalles, OR img Kent, ORimg Arlington, OR img Seneca, ORimg Nyssa, OR img Jacksonville, ORimg Clackamas, OR img Grants Pass, ORimg Crawfordsville, OR img Garibaldi, ORimg Adrian, OR img Grass Valley, ORimg Bates, OR img Arock, ORimg Kerby, OR img Neskowin, ORimg Days Creek, OR img O Brien, ORimg Westlake, OR img Dundee, ORimg Grass Valley, OR img Westlake, ORimg Spray, OR img Lake Oswego, ORimg Ashland, OR img Powers, ORimg Rose Lodge, OR img Lyons, ORimg John Day, OR img Columbia City, ORimg Mount Hood Parkdale, OR img Brookings, ORimg Dufur, OR img Yachats, ORimg Cove, OR img Junction City, ORimg Dundee, OR img Riley, ORimg Merrill, OR img Adrian, ORimg Vernonia, OR img Sprague River, ORimg Saginaw, OR img Fairview, ORimg Alsea, OR img Monument, ORimg Antelope, OR img Gaston, ORimg Sprague River, OR img Juntura, ORimg Gold Hill, OR img Terrebonne, ORimg Garibaldi, OR img Bly, ORimg Lexington, OR img Lakeside, ORimg Wasco, OR img Brothers, ORimg Dallas, OR img Blachly, ORimg Corvallis, OR img Adel, ORimg Diamond, OR img Neskowin, ORimg Saint Helens, OR img Lowell, ORimg Canby, OR img Lafayette, ORimg Scappoose, OR img Wilsonville, ORimg Marylhurst, OR img O Brien, ORimg Sumpter, OR img Grants Pass, ORimg Gervais, OR img Lebanon, ORimg Eagle Creek, OR img Imnaha, ORimg Powell Butte, OR img Midland, ORimg Port Orford, OR img Bay City, ORimg Walterville, OR img Lostine, ORimg Stayton, OR img Blodgett, ORimg Netarts, OR img Neotsu, ORimg Ashwood, OR img Logsden, ORimg Seal Rock, OR img Broadbent, ORimg Lakeside, OR img Corvallis, ORimg Shady Cove, OR img Brookings, ORimg Ironside, OR img Falls City, ORimg Ukiah, OR img Burns, ORimg Kimberly, OR img Paulina, ORimg Maupin, OR img Umpqua, ORimg Milton Freewater, OR img Jordan Valley, ORimg Hereford, OR img Oakridge, ORimg Gold Hill, OR img Oakridge, ORimg Days Creek, OR img Wheeler, ORimg Unity, OR img Sixes, ORimg Imbler, OR img Shaniko, ORimg Oregon City, OR img Enterprise, ORimg Hermiston, OR img Baker City, ORimg Aumsville, OR img Talent, ORimg Culp Creek, OR img Mitchell, ORimg Culver, OR img Cave Junction, ORimg Happy Valley, OR img Merlin, ORimg Huntington, OR img Winchester, ORimg South Beach, OR img Christmas Valley, ORimg Sumpter, OR img Eagle Creek, ORimg Baker City, OR img Diamond, ORimg Mosier, OR img Beavercreek, ORimg Riverside, OR img Tidewater, ORimg Turner, OR img Bly, ORimg Bly, OR img Hammond, ORimg Halfway, OR img Scappoose, ORimg Elkton, OR img Sumpter, ORimg Turner, OR img Port Orford, ORimg Newport, OR img The Dalles, ORimg Blachly, OR img Sandy, ORimg Dorena, OR img Nehalem, ORimg Lyons, OR img Crabtree, ORimg Adams, OR img Alsea, ORimg Bridgeport, OR img Mcminnville, ORimg Sixes, OR img Columbia City, ORimg Hammond, OR img Plush, ORimg Halsey, OR img Mikkalo, ORimg Fields, OR img Shaniko, ORimg Corbett, OR img Mount Hood Parkdale, ORimg Halfway, OR img Deadwood, ORimg Agness, OR img Sutherlin, ORimg Ironside, OR img Salem, ORimg Richland, OR img Kerby, ORimg Amity, OR img Manning, ORimg Tolovana Park, OR img Alvadore, ORimg Keizer, OR img Oceanside, ORimg Foster, OR img Athena, ORimg Roseburg, OR img Westlake, ORimg Bandon, OR img Post, ORimg Forest Grove, OR img Midland, ORimg Scottsburg, OR img Gaston, ORimg Tualatin, OR img Prospect, ORimg Westfall, OR img Tygh Valley, ORimg Redmond, OR img Sutherlin, ORimg Gaston, OR img Corvallis, ORimg Lorane, OR img Wheeler, ORimg Neskowin, OR img Arock, ORimg Beatty, OR img Lostine, ORimg Tillamook, OR img Hubbard, ORimg Rickreall, OR img Bay City, ORimg Scappoose, OR img Medford, ORimg Brogan, OR img Happy Valley, ORimg Chemult, OR img Huntington, ORimg Alvadore, OR img Fall Creek, ORimg Newport, OR img Wasco, ORimg Adel, OR img Sherwood, ORimg La Grande, OR img West Linn, ORimg Long Creek, OR img North Plains, ORimg Coos Bay, OR img Gates, ORimg Salem, OR img Powell Butte, ORimg Echo, OR img Swisshome, ORimg Boring, OR img Brogan, ORimg Meacham, OR img Bridal Veil, ORimg Drewsey, OR img South Beach, ORimg Tualatin, OR img O Brien, ORimg Scio, OR img Rose Lodge, ORimg Broadbent, OR img Clackamas, ORimg Wedderburn, OR img Ukiah, ORimg Rockaway Beach, OR img Ironside, ORimg Lostine, OR img Clackamas, ORimg Fort Klamath, OR img Halsey, ORimg Saint Paul, OR img Grass Valley, ORimg Vida, OR img Blodgett, ORimg Philomath, OR img Shaniko, ORimg Gresham, OR img Deadwood, ORimg Coquille, OR img Seneca, ORimg Prineville, OR img Roseburg, ORimg Halsey, OR img North Bend, ORimg Winchester, OR img Antelope, ORimg Netarts, OR img Brothers, ORimg Beaverton, OR img Maupin, ORimg Rickreall, OR img Wilderville, ORimg Crescent, OR img Logsden, ORimg Redmond, OR img Lexington, ORimg Myrtle Point, OR img Weston, ORimg Riverside, OR img Deadwood, ORimg Turner, OR img Tillamook, ORimg Mulino, OR img Myrtle Creek, ORimg South Beach, OR img Wallowa, ORimg Scotts Mills, OR img Medford, ORimg Murphy, OR img Dayville, ORimg Cascadia, OR img Merlin, ORimg Manning, OR img Brookings, ORimg Roseburg, OR img Hermiston, ORimg Fort Klamath, OR img Hood River, ORimg Logsden, OR img Rockaway Beach, ORimg Silver Lake, OR img Amity, ORimg Bridal Veil, OR img White City, ORimg Wallowa, OR img Ophir, ORimg Crawfordsville, OR img Salem, ORimg Dillard, OR img Drain, ORimg Tenmile, OR img Rufus, ORimg Dorena, OR img Jordan Valley, ORimg Lowell, OR img Reedsport, ORimg Dexter, OR img Hines, ORimg Garibaldi, OR img O Brien, ORimg White City, OR img Wolf Creek, ORimg Odell, OR img Banks, ORimg Paulina, OR img Dairy, ORimg Dexter, OR img Lyons, ORimg Crane, OR img Seneca, ORimg Beaver, OR img Dexter, ORimg Central Point, OR img Camp Sherman, ORimg Christmas Valley, OR img Wheeler, ORimg Oceanside, OR img Crescent Lake, ORimg Swisshome, OR img Post, ORimg O Brien, OR img Rufus, ORimg Happy Valley, OR img Carlton, ORimg Salem, OR img Cornelius, ORimg Carlton, OR img Oceanside, ORimg Mount Vernon, OR img Beavercreek, ORimg Tangent, OR img Prairie City, ORimg Hereford, OR img Rogue River, ORimg Walton, OR img Sandy, ORimg Gresham, OR img Enterprise, ORimg Canyon City, OR img Tolovana Park, ORimg Marylhurst, OR img Arock, ORimg Glide, OR img Oakridge, ORimg Grand Ronde, OR img Saint Helens, ORimg Dillard, OR img Merrill, ORimg Tillamook, OR img Keizer, ORimg Lyons, OR img Bridal Veil, ORimg Hebo, OR img Gleneden Beach, ORimg Westfall, OR img Marcola, ORimg Deadwood, OR img Mount Vernon, ORimg Kimberly, OR img Wilbur, ORimg Pleasant Hill, OR img Tolovana Park, ORimg Willamina, OR img Diamond, ORimg Monroe, OR img Netarts, ORimg Wedderburn, OR img Adrian, ORimg Banks, OR img Medford, ORimg Garibaldi, OR img Seal Rock, ORimg Yachats, OR img Lyons, ORimg Merrill, OR img Bonanza, ORimg Westfir, OR img Wedderburn, ORimg Halfway, OR img Arch Cape, ORimg Dairy, OR img Crescent Lake, ORimg Jordan Valley, OR img Jacksonville, ORimg Talent, OR img Stayton, ORimg Midland, OR img Dexter, ORimg Selma, OR img Marylhurst, ORimg Gold Hill, OR img Wilsonville, ORimg Adrian, OR img Pacific City, ORimg Midland, OR img Baker City, ORimg Oakridge, OR img Christmas Valley, ORimg Brightwood, OR img Kent, ORimg Gold Beach, OR img Langlois, ORimg Powers, OR img Winston, ORimg Marylhurst, OR img Weston, ORimg Sweet Home, OR img Hermiston, ORimg Trail, OR img Depoe Bay, ORimg North Powder, OR img Hereford, ORimg Gladstone, OR img Summer Lake, ORimg Meacham, OR img Kent, ORimg Salem, OR img Chemult, ORimg Moro, OR img Wilsonville, ORimg Lowell, OR img Tygh Valley, ORimg Crabtree, OR img Mount Hood Parkdale, ORimg Jamieson, OR img Fairview, ORimg Eugene, OR img Sublimity, ORimg Westlake, OR img John Day, ORimg Amity, OR img Heppner, ORimg Thurston, OR img Paulina, ORimg Kerby, OR img Gales Creek, ORimg Long Creek, OR img Saint Benedict, ORimg Sutherlin, OR img Merrill, ORimg Riverside, OR img Elgin, ORimg Paulina, OR img Seal Rock, ORimg Amity, OR img Fort Rock, ORimg Mulino, OR img Newberg, ORimg Independence, OR img Kerby, ORimg Roseburg, OR img Hines, ORimg Murphy, OR img Hermiston, OR

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